Changing of the project

After a lot of unfortunate thought and consideration I have decided to change the body of work.  This has come about due to the lack of people I could find that were willing to be so honest and on show; and the lack of daylight time I had with those that did agree.

Whilst university is my main priority I also have a job to maintain, it covers very taxing hours and alongside university makes finding daylight hours and time to capture photographs with models very difficult.  On reflection of this the idea to involve people voices and views and alike is very much still something I want to achieve.  I want to carry on the project after university and providing my working hours change, but for now I just cant offer it the hours of day time that it deserves, in terms of working with other people.

My mixed media aspect of this work was the capture sound and questions alongside the photographic portraits, this aspect I want to continue with for my next project, I like the idea of personal input and alike.  Getting people involved and excited is an important part of photography, especially in portraits etc.


Ideas for the Mixed Media…

From the Terry Richardson work, I have realised that I think I want to do a video, with sounds and photographs included over the top.  How he has made me realise this, I’m not sure, I think it is the idea that his work brings controversy, like the busyness of the video I intend on making, I want it to seem busy and quick and crazy, recording the direct course of the models and how they have come to be in the process.  I want to make a video a quick snippet into how they are perceived, and seen and what happens in controversy.  I want to super impose photographs over the top of the work, to show the models at their nicest, whilst the rushing around of the video continues.

Terry Richardson the Controversy

One of the reasons I want to stay away from this type of work is because of the controversy and problems that accompany this sort of treatment.

A Brief History of Terry Richardson’s Most Ratchet and Grossest Moments

This article shows the relevance and disgrace of the importance of a professional and respect giving photographer.

Richardson has also always had a tendency, which he has been greatly criticised for, to get naked and join photograph the models whilst being naked.  This is something that has been a big problem for him, in terms are keeping the respect and clientèle, he has court cases and been sued relentlessly.  His lack of etiquette has forced models to leave his shoots before, alternatively, it has also persuaded them to give him some quite vulgar actions towards him.


Research – Terry Richardson

My point exactly! This is exactly what I dont want my work to be…



These photographs comes from Terry Richardson, Yes they are nicely taken photographs, the first three capture personality, but that’s it.  They are vulgar, the photographs give the girls nothing to hide behind, but this is exactly what the photographer wanted. Richardson has had a large amount of backlash and issues throughout the years with being sued and boycotted.

Research – What not to be

It is difficult to find research that shows exactly what I want to capture as there is very little.  So as examples I want to show exactly the opposite of the work I will create, how the photographs that can be produced and made are not what people really look like.  And how the digital editing can ruin most things.


An Explanation of ‘Why’…

Basically, in a nutshell I’m bored of the whole, ‘naked has to be sexy, naked has to dirty and raunchy and the girls have to be stick thin.’ Its not true, it never has been.  The human body is essentially just a body, in whatever form, shape, size, age and colour, yet we have objectified it so much that we’ve lost sight of the ‘real deal’, of the beauty in it all.  This project is meant to be a modest glorification of all those people that don’t think their body should be seen, but have every right to show it off.  The ladies with the stretch marks from having children, the man with the scars from fighting for their country, the people with tattoos, piercings, that have resigned to that ‘fact’ that society doesn’t want to proclaim them as beautiful.

The idea is to leave no one out, to create an atmosphere where no one is sacred and virtually everybody can just come and have the photograph taken.  The pictures will be large prints, showing all spots and blemishes and praising aspect, I will also have a portrait done, the faces can be shown, hidden, it can be whatever makes them feel best, no vulgarity, no fancy props or air brushing, just honest people with honest bodies.

Research: Buzz Ellington

buzz ellington research

This Photograph taken by Buzz Ellington, shows the kind of photograph I want to take. Modest and honest but with the same sexuality as a large majority of the photographs taken today.  It captures raw sexuality, but stays away from the  broken image that celebrities and the media have now placed on us.