Statement of Intent – Initial Ideas

The basis of this project is to produce a body of work that is personal and of your own creation, that ensure the use of Mixed Media.  This can be anything from photographs, videos, slideshows, creations, sculptures, sound adaptations.  Up until last year I had no immediate contact with Mixed Media work, whilst the concept of this project is both new and intriguing to me, I am some what cautiousness that my lack of experience may prevail.

My initial thoughts for this project are to capture the human body, in the context of dignity and voice through nudity.  My thought process here is that many people view nudity as vulgar and cheap, but miss the vital truth that, we all have them, naked bodies, and it doesn’t have to be vulgar or demoralising.  I want to take portraits of people, just the top half, in a dignifying and respectable way.  Anyone, women, men, any race, any size, and age, couples, pregnant woman, people covered in tattoos, I want this project to be a celebration of the human form.

Once I have taken these photographs and are happy with them I want to couple the works with a voiceover, interviews if you like with peoples opinions on nudity.  It will be a free speech, genuine view on nudity as a whole, with any interpretation they want, they will not have seen the photographs, just a brutally honest view on the idea as a whole.


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