An Explanation of ‘Why’…

Basically, in a nutshell I’m bored of the whole, ‘naked has to be sexy, naked has to dirty and raunchy and the girls have to be stick thin.’ Its not true, it never has been.  The human body is essentially just a body, in whatever form, shape, size, age and colour, yet we have objectified it so much that we’ve lost sight of the ‘real deal’, of the beauty in it all.  This project is meant to be a modest glorification of all those people that don’t think their body should be seen, but have every right to show it off.  The ladies with the stretch marks from having children, the man with the scars from fighting for their country, the people with tattoos, piercings, that have resigned to that ‘fact’ that society doesn’t want to proclaim them as beautiful.

The idea is to leave no one out, to create an atmosphere where no one is sacred and virtually everybody can just come and have the photograph taken.  The pictures will be large prints, showing all spots and blemishes and praising aspect, I will also have a portrait done, the faces can be shown, hidden, it can be whatever makes them feel best, no vulgarity, no fancy props or air brushing, just honest people with honest bodies.


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