Changing of the project

After a lot of unfortunate thought and consideration I have decided to change the body of work.  This has come about due to the lack of people I could find that were willing to be so honest and on show; and the lack of daylight time I had with those that did agree.

Whilst university is my main priority I also have a job to maintain, it covers very taxing hours and alongside university makes finding daylight hours and time to capture photographs with models very difficult.  On reflection of this the idea to involve people voices and views and alike is very much still something I want to achieve.  I want to carry on the project after university and providing my working hours change, but for now I just cant offer it the hours of day time that it deserves, in terms of working with other people.

My mixed media aspect of this work was the capture sound and questions alongside the photographic portraits, this aspect I want to continue with for my next project, I like the idea of personal input and alike.  Getting people involved and excited is an important part of photography, especially in portraits etc.


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