Slow Motion Online Exclusive – Nikon

The online wonders of a ‘really helpful’ company… This Nikon, Online Exclusive is there to achieve a helping guideline and first chance look at their slow motion photographs.  It is however slightly poor, the pages are minimal and the photographs are rather lacking in effect and ambition.  Yes there are a few nice pictures, but what does that achieve?

The video, by Steve Heiner that demonstrates slow motion is good, it takes a look at each of the Nikon camera and available settings that can capture slow motion and the techniques they use.  But there not that slow, or that interesting.

I think the video is good, the same music throughout promotes and succinct idea the whole way through, but the lack-lustre attempt at exciting slow motion drags the ability of the cameras down substantially.


New Project, Statement of Intent

The idea for this project was one I was thinking about at the beginning as well, I thought it through and decided that the best idea was to go with the modest nudity idea, now, as that idea is not feasible I have reverted back to this idea.  Its slightly out there and maybe a bad idea, but photography should be about passion and technique and fun.  And this is.  It may not work, I may have to start again, again, but you live, you learn and lets just see!

So, Explosions!

I’ve always been fascinated, ever since I can remember, with a pyromaniac brother and father, with bombs, air pistols, fire, there was always something to entertain and get involved.  I wanted to capture slow motion, the idea of slowing down something so fast and literally ‘explosive’ and changing it into a slow moving composition of colours and actions.  This will be alongside sound and photographs.  But ill explain more later!