New Project, Statement of Intent

The idea for this project was one I was thinking about at the beginning as well, I thought it through and decided that the best idea was to go with the modest nudity idea, now, as that idea is not feasible I have reverted back to this idea.  Its slightly out there and maybe a bad idea, but photography should be about passion and technique and fun.  And this is.  It may not work, I may have to start again, again, but you live, you learn and lets just see!

So, Explosions!

I’ve always been fascinated, ever since I can remember, with a pyromaniac brother and father, with bombs, air pistols, fire, there was always something to entertain and get involved.  I wanted to capture slow motion, the idea of slowing down something so fast and literally ‘explosive’ and changing it into a slow moving composition of colours and actions.  This will be alongside sound and photographs.  But ill explain more later!



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