Changing… Again

This project has been fun, but it just isn’t feasible, the notion of blowing things up in my garden and recording the aftermath is something I would consider a hobby or a bit of fun, not something that I think is worthy of my final piece.  It has taken me a while to realise this and it has been fun blowing things up, but i think that the slow motion is difficult to capture correctly and I need this project to be good.

I feel that i need to go down a more personal route, it needs to be something that I am passionate about or that has effected me personally.  I have a topic in mind, but I am not sure how to achieve this.  For now I will research people that have used similar techniques to the one i want to use, and see how that goes and continue from there.  I think when I have a better understanding of how I can execute the work it will help me to fine tune the work I want to do.


Slow motion and video

This slow motion techniques video shows how to make a slow motion video on your computer and on Photoshop.   It is good, it shows the work easily and clearly, if you can get past the American voices and characteristics the video is helpful.

Research: Yancey Richardson

This link is from the website by Yancey Richardson, her photographs are of animals fur, very close up and presented in a very fancy and show way.  However, when you first look at the photographs, the famous first glance, they look like explosions.  Like someone has blown something up in the snow and it has created this effect.

I like that, this first glance notion.  That somethings are not always as they seem.

Research – Lorenzo Vitturi

The Dalston Anatomy,which was a project published and designed by Lorenzo Vitturi, is very interesting, for its colours and its sculptures.  This work is inspiring me to use the left over exploded food, and products to create some sort of sculpture, and use that for my work.  The angle and figures that he manages to achieve by simply using colours, inspired by a person and brought to life be him, is incredible.

I think the project also shows a fair amount of humanity, it shows the people as humans, as character that have humility and honesty about them.