Changing… Again

This project has been fun, but it just isn’t feasible, the notion of blowing things up in my garden and recording the aftermath is something I would consider a hobby or a bit of fun, not something that I think is worthy of my final piece.  It has taken me a while to realise this and it has been fun blowing things up, but i think that the slow motion is difficult to capture correctly and I need this project to be good.

I feel that i need to go down a more personal route, it needs to be something that I am passionate about or that has effected me personally.  I have a topic in mind, but I am not sure how to achieve this.  For now I will research people that have used similar techniques to the one i want to use, and see how that goes and continue from there.  I think when I have a better understanding of how I can execute the work it will help me to fine tune the work I want to do.


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