Some video snippets

A work in progress…

A unedited but compressed video clip. PLease click link.


People selection – For the Video

The reason I chose these people for this video is because they are good loyal friends to my family, and I believe that that kind of bond is necessary if you are going to pry into people lives.

Bruce, Type 1: He was perfect for this project because it really has enveloped his life, and his wife Karen’s, it has made aspects of their lives difficult, and that gives him passion. They are passionate sailors, they own a yacht, in Grenada and have spent months sailing the Atlantic.  This is difficult, when there are only two of you, and one can collapse imminently if he doesn’t balance this sugar intake and etc well.  That puts pressure on him, and on Karen.

Lorna and Stephen, Both Type 2: They found out about their diabetes together, and have helped each other lose copious amounts of weight.  They said that it has been the luck of going through it together that has kept them sane and enabled them to achieve what they have.

Sue: Nurse (who specialized on a diabetes ward, 30 years ago). A shy nurse, but who has seen an awful lot, for me this was the easiest decision as who to have, she is mild and kind but feisty when needed and flowing with passion.