Essay Video 2 – The truth about sugar

This is the link for the second video in my essay.

The second documentary is by the BBC and is called ‘The Truth about Sugar. It follows four people as they try to understand how much sugar they are consuming and how they can adapt their diets to see if they can help themselves and reduce the amount of sugars they have. The people in this program are pre-diabetic, but are showing signs of diabetes if they continued to consume the amount of food and sugar that they currently are consuming.  It uses the TV celebrity Fiona Phillips who narrates the documentary. The video is more professionally presented in a very advanced video format by obviously very experienced BBC documentary film-makers. Again it uses nationalistic devices ‘We Brits love our sugar’ and the same technique of case studies with four volunteers from Newcastle; they all suspect they eat too much sugar and are ‘everyman’ characters.


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