My final piece – Explained

This video is something that is very personal to me, something I am very passionate about.  I wanted the video to be natural to them, like diabetes is, it was important to me that everyone was filmed in their own homes, their own habits, that there was back ground noise, and back ground image.

I gave the choice, if they wanted to be in the video and both the first man Bruce, with Type 1 Diabetes and the nurse, Sue said they didn’t.  So from there I made the executive decision to have no one directly in the video. The extra voice is mine and their spouses also helped, answering questions, guiding the questions so that they understand it easier, as a group it all worked very well. I chose in the end not to include the partners in the video, this was because even though some of their stories are incredible, I wanted this to be a direct message from those with the illness and those that have treated it.

In terms of the actual video footage and the noises in the back ground, these were a conscious choice.  There were a lot of nerves, with Bruce especially as this is such a personal thing. and it was very important to make him feel as comfortable and happy in his own environment as possible.


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