People selection – For the Video

The reason I chose these people for this video is because they are good loyal friends to my family, and I believe that that kind of bond is necessary if you are going to pry into people lives.

Bruce, Type 1: He was perfect for this project because it really has enveloped his life, and his wife Karen’s, it has made aspects of their lives difficult, and that gives him passion. They are passionate sailors, they own a yacht, in Grenada and have spent months sailing the Atlantic.  This is difficult, when there are only two of you, and one can collapse imminently if he doesn’t balance this sugar intake and etc well.  That puts pressure on him, and on Karen.

Lorna and Stephen, Both Type 2: They found out about their diabetes together, and have helped each other lose copious amounts of weight.  They said that it has been the luck of going through it together that has kept them sane and enabled them to achieve what they have.

Sue: Nurse (who specialized on a diabetes ward, 30 years ago). A shy nurse, but who has seen an awful lot, for me this was the easiest decision as who to have, she is mild and kind but feisty when needed and flowing with passion.


Research issues

I am struggling with finding research for this project, there are many videos about sugar, but nothing of consequence or artist.  There are many about making videos, but not many about directing interviews about an illness.

Its Difficult!

Research – James Ostrer

image_portrait_w858 james ostrer12 James_Ostrer_012 James OstrerSugar and sweets, at its best…

This crazy project by James Ostrer, which cost him $8,000 just in the food resources alone has caused a large divide, he uses his family and friends as the models in this bizarre but totally sugary body of work.  Quite incredible, Totally bizarre.  The colourful backgrounds and crazy portraits make a very interesting body of work.

Research – Understanding how to make a good documentary

This page gives a step by step guide on what is most important when starting a documentary.  It is done like a check list and is very helpful.  It doesn’t direct on how to take the video, this is something I will have to look up on, as I have never done anything ‘Mixed Media’ before and it is not one of my talents or something I know anything about.

I am excited to learn the techniques needed in this body of work to create a good documentary to up the profile of those suffering with diabetes.  I think that it is needed.

Statement of Intent – Diabetes

After the two projects that simply didn’t work, for reasons previously explained, I have now begun the third and final mixed media project.  This one is close to my heart, it may seem like a strange idea and slightly bizarre to record, but I think it represents a voice, a voice that needs hearing, and understanding. Diabetes, is something that currently, I am being tested for.  I spend most of my days shattered, endlessly drinking litre upon litre of water, and repeatedly weeing thick honey like urine.  Too much info, I know.  But the point is, it scares me, I can have days where I feel great, and others where I cant move for being so knackered.  Now, I don’t know if it will definitely result in diabetes, and I am being tested for many other things, but it got me interested.  Interested to explore, to find out that I actually come from a long line of diabetes sufferers.  And that it is a lot more serious and scary then just watching how much sugar you eat. So, this will be a direct insight into the life of a diabetes sufferer, as close as I can get as to understand what they go through, what it means and how it has developed and changed both their lives and the life of those around them.  I will be recording sufferers through video and making a video clip, interspersed with photographs, showing and listening to how they feel and live.